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Magnus Alpha


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social curation | e-commerce

— background —

conceptualized in 2016, magnus alpha is designed and driven by the stories that shaped the fabric of various cultures. their products are built for the diverse human. designed in italy, manufactured in mexico by artisanal craftsman, and distributed in the US, magnus’ products are implicitly built under a banner of international unity.

with a number of luxury footwear brands engaging with causal campaigns for business roi, magnus alpha lives and breathes their brand ethos: POAI an acronym for product of an immigrant echoes in all of us as the anthem.

product of an immigrant tears the barriers of conformity and limitations with pure strength in design and breadth. the founders are a circle of diverse individuals of Dominican, Korean and Mexican descent.

hercules new york was brought on by magnus to integrate their brand message with their social feed, and their social feed with their digital store.

— vision —

as magnus Alpha evolves within the market, we wanted to strategically place the brand at the forefront of its competitors. HNY’s own erick hercules produced a series of product & lifestyle imagery for magnus that could be used in a variety of formats including social, web, email, & print.

social curation

from clean captions & hashtags to product visuals, hercules new york set out to create a system for social branding that combines #POAI with #magnusalpha by mixing architectural imagery and iconic imigrants with product shots.

every week would highlight an immigrant who has persevered and contributed to our global society.

from the feed’s orientation & color palette to live-story & wallpaper content, we focused on maintaining magnus’ brand principles throughout the diverse set of visual elements.


— strategy —


a combination of artist features, editorial footwear & detail shots, and architectural/texture shots created an overarching narrative to #POAI while also setting up magnus’ instagram feed as a digital marketplace that drives consumers directly to particular items sold on their website.

product visuals posed a challenge as to how to incorporate #POAI into the buying experience. our solution was simple: create visual backgrounds of diverse cities that houses each product. the visuals convey magnus’ causal affiliations, international manufacturing, and global branding all-in-one.

seoul | NYC | puerto rico | rio de janeiro



part of our mission with magnus was not only to feature a variation of iconic immigrants who have shaped US history, but to also showcase emerging talent from immigrants who are actively contributing to US culture.