Aaron Gordon


social consultation


aaron gordon is an american nba player for the orlando magic. at only 23 years of age, aaron has garnered an incredible reputation on and off the court.

gordon also led team usa to the 2011 fiba americas under-16 championship gold medal. he went on to earn mvp honors, while leading the united states to a gold medal at the 2013 fiba under-19 world cup, in prague.



our insight into aaron’s current positioning as a social leader helped identify a number of concrete opportunities to improve his digital presence.

creative & visual direction | social media strategy | brand partnerships

with major brands looking to broker sponsorship deals with aaron, it is important for him to have a social feed that engages with lifestyle and brand content.


with the relatively short lifespan of an nba player’s career, we found that a focus on aaron’s post-court career would be important to his longevity by developing his own partnerships & brand collaborations, and cementing his presence on social media.

in order to obtain top level partnerships, aaron needs to rebrand his visual identity so that brands and other businesses notice him among the other competitive top tier athletes.