Widely regarded as the father of non-photoshop levitation photography, Erick Hercules has since become one of the most influential commercial photographers in the world. In 2013, he began the “#WeLevitate” movement, a global community of aspiring levitation photographers and content creators that regularly collaborates with World of Dance and other notable brands.

As a brand strategist, Erick has contributed to the success of global campaigns launched by a number of high-profile fashion companies including Nike, Converse, Swatch, and Puma. His photographs have appeared on billboards in Times Square, have been auctioned at the Guggenheim Museum and published in magazines internationally.

In addition to his campaign work, Erick serves as an official SONY Alpha Ambassador and educator for the next generation of digital photographers. He has spoken on leadership panels at American colleges and universities, the White House and at various venues across the U.S. His most recent entrepreneurial endeavor was the 2016 launch of Hercules New York, a creative agency and team that supports his vision and creative output.

Erick is based in New York City.