Our Values


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every piece of content lives for a reason, we ask why.

core values


in business, we believe that everyone can be a winner. every exchange we have as a company, every transaction, task, and partnership is geared towards compassionate business. the longevity of our brand and the brands we work with is a reflection of our integrity, honesty, and strong work ethic.


with the current blended state of the advertising, marketing, and pr, hercules new york believes in looking at the entire mechanism when crafting or implementing strategy. we feel that holistic insight into a brand’s architecture is important to even the most niche and specific campaign goal.


transparency of information is something that few agencies currently follow. Any typical services mockup by an agency is constructed with loose terminology, inefficient service categories that create redundancy, and extreme complexity. We believe in providing a marketing ecosystem that is structurally efficient, easily understood, and non redundant.


hercules new york does not believe in any one cookie-­cutter approach to service assistance. this is why a modular design that does not limit a client’s creative needs, but rather adapts itself to each individualized project, is so important to our company’s methodology, infrastructure and philosophy. we define specific tasks needed to accomplish our client’s requests and not the other way around.


while content­ creation is seen as one of the most important and necessary aspects of a successful campaign, many content ­creators are treated unfairly in the marketing & advertising sectors and are forced to leave and become freelancers. hercules new york is a place where talented people use their skills to build great things for clients and users and are recognized for their contributions. our company believes in providing credit where credit is due. our talent work with us not for us.


the advent of DIY culture has proven that many individuals can create and coordinate complex projects without the need of a specialized corporation. DIY culture has revolutionized the way creative individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses conduct research and achieve goals. in order to keep up with the current creative scene, we argue that by offering a combination of strategy, marketing, and production, by means of a network of content­ creators and our own expertise, will maximize our ability to execute on our client’s initiatives.

Typically, marketing agencies are constructed in one of two ways:

The Service Integrator Model has the marketer at the center as integrator, surrounded by agencies who specialize in various components of the marketing mix: advertising, creative, media, digital, social, experiential, CRM, etc.

the Single Source Model is based on the idea that a marketer can hire a “one­ stop shop” that offers most services under one roof.

our infrastructure is based on a new hybrid model we designed entitled the centralized Integration Model, which provides the best of both traditional views. as opposed to utilizing specialized agencies for their expertise in content­ creation or marketing types, our model utilizes freelance content ­creators, influencers, and marketers directly. our trust lies with the vast pool of creative talent available to work on projects under our own creative and coordinative efforts. from a client’s perspective, the benefits of this model include:

  1. a campaign that is supervised and developed by our agency alone without the complexity of needing multiple agencies to complete a project.

  2. the utilization of content creators and consultants directly cuts out the agency as a middle­man, thereby lowering the cost of any project for prospective clients.

  3. an agency that can offer a multitude of different content­ creators, each with their own skill set and point of view, to fulfill a client’s personal needs for a project.