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global strategy


palladium boots, a footwear brand now with more than 70 years of rich history, has been worn through WWII, the 1968 student riots in paris, by the new york avant-garde of the 80’s, and undeground culture of the 90’s.


as palladium entered the digital era of social media and e-commerce, the brand reached out to hercules new york with the ambitious task of taking palladium global.


our goal for palladium was to build out their global status as a ‘city adventurer’ shoe. consistency across all of palladium’s channels was an important step for the brand to take to enter the digital market and provide a visual identity to their #palladiumexplorer.

we came to the conclusion that all of palladium’s editorial & lifestyle content would need to have a unified visual presence in order to maintain and grow the brand worldwide.

from the brand’s seasonal look books, physical & digital advertising, and events to their social media feeds and partnerships, hercules new york crafted what is now the brand’s visual identity & message utilizing a host of different angles that evoked a sense of exploration in rugged cityscapes.




the extensive work and strategy spearheaded by hercules new york’s creative director, erick hercules, revolutionized palladium’s ability to convey their message visually and inspired the brand’s current direction in storytelling.


social | partnerships | Events


we elevated the hashtags #palladiumexplorers and #palladiumboots to foster a native community

instagram’s feed is natively split into rows of three pictures. for palladium’s page, we thought it was only natural to configure the feed with triptychs to showcase their shoes as well as cityscapes. product close-ups paired with lifestyle portraits communicates a more defined narrative.

the orientation of their instagram page, one of curation, lends itself as both an opportunity for influencer takeovers as well as future e-commerce initiatives like a shopify funnel.

- 175% engagement increase on Facebook -
- 47% follower growth on Instagram -
- average increase of instagram following at 1k followers per week -

community takeovers

hercules new york instituted a monthly takeover of palladium’s social feeds by international palladium explorers and co-branding opportunities with other like-minded digital communities.

each takeover was designed to accomplish two things:

1. co-branding opportunities to grow palladium’s digital community by introducing the brand to other niche communities.

2. capture cityscapes & rugged terrain from all over the world that showcase palladium as a global movement for explorers.

explorers meetups

palladium’s social feed becomes one of adventure and exploration on a global scale.

US | UK | GERMANY | FRANCE | benelux | south africa

palladium X pyer moss

palladium had the opportunity to provide their shoes to pyer moss’ fw 2016 show. HNY was there to capture the partnership and translate the event into a social topic.