Erick Hercules’ photography has inspired a generation of digital photographers to capture moments without photoshop. In less than a decade, Erick has managed to help redefine footwear and lifestyle photography and his images have not only popularized his niche as a means of product marketing, but also have managed to convey a singular artistic expression in their own right.

A self-taught photographer, Erick’s musical training provided a useful framework for his non-traditional path into the world of still photography. He conveys his story in mid-motion, like a climax in a song, an element he learned studying classical music as an opera singer at university. Erick explores this movement by capturing a person or product at the pinnacle of their performance. For Nike’s ‘19 AirMax Day, he showcased their Futures Pack unreleased sneakers levitating at the height of their motion and as larger-than-life.   

With the advent of post-production, photography has seemingly lost its power to convey a real moment in time. Erick’s dedication to non-photoshopped photography has allowed him to capture surreal moments that have actually occurred in a single shot: humans levitating in the air, objects floating in the clouds, and sunsets on a seemingly alien world.

In 2013, Erick began the “#WeLevitate” movement, a global community of aspiring levitation photographers that regularly collaborate with notable brands like Nike ACG, PUMA, Alpha Industries, Swatch, Converse, Ciroc and Fila. His photographs have appeared on billboards inluding Times Square and Shanghai, have been auctioned at the Guggenheim Museum and published in magazines internationally.

Erick is Currently a Sony Alpha Ambassador and educator for the next generation of digital photographers. He has spoken on leadership panels at American colleges and universities, the White House, and at various venues across the U.S.